1000 110 WYOMING AVE
1061 Lackawanna Ave at N 7th Ave
1189 Keyser Oak Shopping Center At Gerritys
1190 Keyser Oak SC At Ollies
1191 Keyser Oak Shopping Center Dollar Store
1200 Summit Point Scr. Carb. Hwy Inbound
1273 Mulberry St and N Washington Ave
1281 N Webster Ave and Mulberry St
1283 Mulberry St and Taylor Ave Outbound
1284 Mulberry St and N Irving Ave Outbound
1285 Mulberry St and Prescott Ave Outbound
1286 Mulberry St at Harrison Ave Outbound
1287 Mulberry St at Wheeler Ave McDonald Hous
1288 Mulberry St Colfax Ave Geisinger CMC
1292 Olive St and Colfax Ave Outbound
1293 Olive St and Wheeler Ave Outbound
1294 Olive St and Harrison Ave Outbound
1295 Olive St and Prescott Ave Outbound
1296 Prescott Ave and Pine St Outbound
1298 Prescott Ave and Myrtle St Prescott Schl
1301 Ash St and Prescott Ave
1326 Adams Ave at Mulberry St Scr Housng Auth
1327 Adams Ave and Olive St Mid Town Apts
1328 Adams Ave and Vine St Lackawanna College
1329 N Washinton Ave Pine St Cmnwlth Med Coll
1331 Pine St and Madison Ave Outbound
1332 Pine St and Monroe Ave Outbound
1333 Pine St at Quincy Ave Moses Taylor Hosp
1342 S Blakely St and Dudley St Outbound
1343 S Blakely St at E Pine St Dunmore Boro
1344 S Blakely St and Green St Outbound
1345 S Blakely St and Potter St Outbound
1355 S Blakely St and Shoemaker St Outbound
1356 S Blakely St and Delaware St Outbound
1460 Wheeler Ave and Williams St Outbound
1481 W Drinker St and S Blakely St Inbound
1482 W Drinker St at Tripp St Inbound
1483 W Drinker St and Roosevelt St Inbound
1484 W Drinker St and N Webster Ave Inbound
1485 W Drinker St and Clay Ave Inbound
1486 W Drinker St Quincy Ave Dunmore Sch Dist
1487 Electric St and Monroe Ave Inbound
1488 Elctric St and Jefferson Ave Inbound
1489 Electric St and N Washington Ave Inbound
1725 N Washingtn Ave Richmnt St St Joes Cntr
1726 N Washingtn Ave at Grandview St Outbound
1727 N Washington Ave at Woodlawn St Outbound
1728 N Washington Ave and Park St Outbound
1729 N Washington Ave at Seminary St Outbound
1733 N Washington Ave and Fisk St Inbound
1734 N Washington Ave and Morel St Park Grdns
1837 Sanderson Ave and Electric St Inbound
1838 Sanderson Ave and Delaware St Inbound
1839 Sanderson Ave and Green Ridge St Inbound
2221 Green Ridge Plaza Dollar General
2222 Green Ridge PLaza Planet Fitness
2223 Green Ridge PlazaGiant
2224 Green Ridge St and Nay Aug Ave Outbound
2225 N Main Ave at Theodore St Outbound
2226 N Main Ave at Ferdinand St Outbound
2227 N Main Ave and Putnum St Outbound
2228 Oak St at N Main Ave Scranton Outbound
2229 Oak St and Wayne Ave Outbound
2230 Oak St and Brick Ave Outbound
2252 McDonalds At Keyser Ave
2360 N 7th Ave at Linden St Inbound
2587 Boulevard Ave and Park St Inbound
2588 Boulevard Ave at Woodlawn St Inbound
2589 Boulevard Ave at Grandview St Inbound
2590 Boulevard Ave at Richmont St Inbound
2591 Boulevard Ave and Deacon St Inbound
2592 Boulevard Av at E Mkt St Robt Morris Sch
2615 Regional Hosp Jefferson Ave at Pine St
2628 71 Prescott Ave and E Gibson St
2634 71 Wheeler Ave and Mill St
2635 71 Wheeler Ave and Cherry St
2647 University Ave and N Washington Ave
2650 71 Morel St and Boulevard Ave
2673 71 Target Commerce Blvd Dickson City
2674 71 Walmart Commerce Blvd Dickson City
2798 Colfax Ave at Vine St
2849 Ash St and Wheeler Ave Outbound
2881 Oak Street and Bloom Ave
2883 Oak and Yard Street
2894 Green Ridge Street and Dickson Ave
2941 OAK St At KEYSER Ave
2952 PINE St And CLAY Ave
2954 N. WEBSTER Ave And OLIVE St
2955 N. WEBSTER Ave And VINE St